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Ear Endoscopy

Otoscope – the standard classic handheld flashlight size instrument that consists of a light and a magnifier, which is used to examine the ear canal. This is what your physician typically uses to examine your ears and what most veterinarians use to examine ears of their patients.

Ear Endoscopy is visual examination of the interior of a hollow body organ (in this case the ear) by use of an endoscope.

Oto-endoscope is an endoscope specially designed for use inside the ears. It offers visualization of fine detail of the ear canal and ear drum superior to that of most standard otoscopes. Some oto-endoscopes are designed to allow images to be played on a video monitor (video oto-endoscopy), which is useful for procedures of the ear canal.

All pets who come to AESCA are screened for ear disease whether they have a history of ear infections or not. If examination with a standard otoscope reveals abnormalities, your pet will then be given an examination with a video oto-endoscope. No additional preparation is needed as the examination requires no more cooperation from your pet than a standard otoscopic exam. Dr. Byrne and his staff have a lot of experience in making examination as comfortable as possible for your pet and we will avoid causing your pet discomfort.

If your pet is unfortunate to have chronic ear disease, when she/he comes to AESCA video oto-endoscopy will be recommended straight away and you will be able to see with your own eyes the condition of your pet’s ear canals.

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